Baby Massage Video

I personally don't have much experience with baby massage, but I still want to present you here with some videos that show some simple techniques. I cannot personally endorse any of the shown techniques, so check with your pediatrician, if it is okay to use these techniques on your baby. I know it is sometimes hard to learn massage from a book, so a video showing baby massage will be way more helpful.

Massage can be a great medium to increase the bond between mother and the baby. Of course massage is also great for dad's to bond with their new born child.

It seems like the Western culture has just discovered baby massage, while in eastern cultures it has been practiced for a long time. I don't know who made it popular here, but you can find a lot more information and also videos showing techniques on the internet.

Many say that baby massage helps a baby to feel secure and to feel taken care of as well as developing a stronger body awareness. As to how this can be proven, I don't know. Opponents of baby massage used to say that the strong physical interaction with the baby can make it weak, dependent and less responsible. I haven't seen any studies about that either.

So however you feel about baby massage, I think we should be aware that massage has always therapeutic effects and the secret lies in the dosage. So with that in mind I think there is no concern about trying to relax a baby, maybe giving some relief during a colic or stimulate the digestive tract when the baby has constipation.

So take your time and be focused when you massage your baby. Inattentiveness can lead to injury. Keep the room warm. I would use natural plant based oils only. Just use a little though.

Always be very gentle, do not use any kind of force. Baby tissue is very sensitive and the joints are also much looser and softer.

Baby Massage Video

Length: 6:53 minutes
Peter Walker teaches Baby Massage and Soft Yoga techniques for Toddlers A physical therapist and yoga teacher since the 1970s, Peter has specialised for the past 30 years working with mothers and babies.

Footnote: I saw once a DVD of a chiropractor teaching techniques how to adjust the neck of a baby. And this video was not intended for chiropractors, but for lay people to do at home. Please do never attempt to do something like that. You could seriously hurt your baby. One massage technique that really helped all the kids of my brother was Sutherland technique. So if you need professional help, see if you can find somebody who can refer (only with personal experience) you to a therapist using Sutherland technique.

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