Deep Tissue Massage Video

The goal of deep tissue massage is to access deeper layers of soft tissue with manual techniques. You can use either fingers, thumbs, knuckles, palms, forearms, elbows or knees to achieve your goal, but adequate use of intensity is the foremost principle of this massage technique.

Some people think that deep tissue massage is some kind of macho thing, that only guys can handle. No sorry, it does not mean that you mash a muscle until its numb and it is not a technique to see how much someone can handle.

Forget about the sadistic massage therapist. That is not a deep tissue specialist.

My first deep tissue massage teacher said. Massage is working in layers. Each layer has a door. And each door of the layer has to be opened one by one. If somebody wants to break through the doors it's like running through a wall and you will not get very far.

This is the perfect analogy and what you learn under the supervision of a good teacher is to listen to the body and to way for the key, that enables you to open that door. The worst thing in a massage therapist is expectation. Expectation to do this or that in a client.

No, the art of massage is to work with the client, to listen to the clients body, because after all if the body of the client is not ready you will not achieve anything no matter how much you try. And sometimes the body works contradictory.

Here is one of the deep tissue secrets. Press hard on a muscle and see how deep you get. Chances are that you will have a lot of resistance because the body tries to protect itself. Now try a spot next to it, press until you feel resistance and then just ease up a little bit. You finger will move in a layer. Do this layer by layer and you will surprised how far you get. It takes longer, but with no pain, no tension. Try it out. It's like open sesame.

Deep Tissue Technique Video for the Back

Length: 2:15 minutes
Learn what to expect from massage therapy, including massage techniques and bodywork and the benefits of deep tissue massage therapy.

If somebody tells you deep tissue massage has to hurt (of course it sometimes can hurt, but pain is as much a sign of proper deep tissue massage as a cracking or popping noise is a sign of proper chiropractic care), they don't really know better.

Deep Tissue Massage Video for the Legs

Length: 1:12 minutes
Learn how to give a deep tissue massage to the legs, in this massage lesson.

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