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Full Body Massage Video Clip

See below two full body massage video clips, that are very simple to learn. What's great about the shown technique is that you don't have to know anything about massage and you can still give a very relaxing massage.

Massage is always a full body massage, no matter if you want to be relaxed or have a specific health problem. Even if you have a sore shoulder or pain in the hip, the approach of massage should always be one, where you work on the whole body.

Some massage techniques like Chinese meridian massage and Rolfing never treat just one area, those massage styles don't even address your problem area specifically, but rather try to change whole body patterns.

What does that mean? It means a symptomatic treatment of a sore hip will not bring lasting effects, but if you change let's say posture patterns within the body, the hip pain might go away, without specifically working on the hip.

In addition to that, you should also always keep the whole body in mind, even if you are working on just one segment. Everything is connected, remember that song: The shin bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone ....etc.

That means that neighboring areas of the body will be impacted by a sore hip, plus the sore hip might be the result from a problem in the knee or ankle.

In Chinese Massage you work from general to specific. That means you start with a general full body massage and see what happens. Because the body sometimes only needs a minimal amount of help, the problem might disappear with just this little intervention.

That's why a full body massage can be so effective.

Full Body Massage Video Clip 1

Length: 5:11 minutes
Everybody can follow this full body massage video clip! So simple but yet so powerful. No skills necessary. Work on the back first.

Full Body Massage Video Clip Part 1 - - The most amazing home videos are here

Full Body Massage Video Clip 2

Length: 9:12 minutes
This is the work on the front side of the body. Get into the groove! It will pay off.

Full Body Massage Video Clip 2 - - The best free videos are right here

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