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Free Massage Videos does not just offer the largest massage video collection online, but first and foremost the only website that actually reviews massage video clips.

These videos are intended for people who want to learn massage (free online massage therapy course without having to go to a massage school), like to get inspired by seeing different massage styles or just want to see a preview of what kinds of massage techniques are available today.

Remember most massage video clips on this website are produced by us, but we also display massage videos of other people that we think are worth seeing.

Our experience also shows that even massage therapists appreciate a visit at for feedback, to check for new massge ideas or as general maintenance as part of continuing massage education.

See the first free full body massage videos, Swedish massage videos, Lomi Lomi massage videos, Japanese massage video, Thai massage video, Chinese Massage Video and Oriental massage video, as well as other massage therapy video clips like Deep Tissue massage video clips, baby massage video clips and simple to follow back massage videos.

The 'How to massage' video section shows you how to get started, information on how to set up a massage area, how to create a relaxing ambience, proper positioning, how to use oil or cream, simple massage techniques videos and why and how to use massage tools.

The massage tips include detailed instructions on hygiene, how to mix your own massage oils, complementary exercises and the 'dos and don'ts' for massages.

Our Motto is: "Everybody can learn massage!"

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What's different about our massage videos from the others you will find on the Internet?

Our massage online videos are 100% free and demonstrate complete massage techniques (not just sample techniques or a sample demo of a DVD). We actually show you a detailed full body massage broken up by body part, so that you can have a close up look into foot massage, calf massage, thigh massage, buttocks massage, abdominal massage, chest massage, back massage, neck massage, shoulder massage, arm massage, and face and head massage.

Plus we offer reviews on massage supplies and equipment, such as massage tables, massage chair videos, funny chair massage videos, oil massage videos, lotions and cream, massage tools and massage videos for sale.

We hope you enjoy our massage videos!

FEATURED VIDEO - Asian Massage Video 1

Length: 2:54 minutes
This Asian Massage Video shows a simple chinese massage techniques (called Tonifying Yin) for Stress Relief. Great for nervous and restless people.

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Any free video sharing web site (like YouTube, Metacafe, Veoh, 5min, Revver & Daily Motion), which is now offering video on demand not only for music videos and video games, but also for instructional videos, has really been a great help for making all these clips available.

Anyway enough talking, let's start to learn massage ...