Korean Massage Video

In this Korean Massage Video I will show you some easy and effective techniques to not just loosen up the muscles, but also to free up the involved joints.

I will give in my Korean massage video, variations and details about what to be careful about, but am in no way saying that this means that you should explore these techniques without proper supervision.

Korean massage is a largely unknown technique in the western world. It almost seems to be seen as something exotic and definitely overshadowed by Chinese and Japanese massage techniques.

Even though it sometimes seems to have elements similar to other massage techniques, I do use some of the unique techniques effectively in my practice.

Korean massage uses stretches, pressure points, repetitive joint mobilization all in a very nice flowing techniques. Some techniques like Korean Martial Therapy (or KMT) uses techniques that are similar martial arts moves. It is based on the knowledge that the same techniques can be used to healing as well as to knock somebody out. They were developed out of self-stretches and were originally used to treat Martial Artists quick and effectively.

Korean massage as shown in my video has slowly become more popular in the US, but it is still now very widely known.

The deep tissue techniques are sometimes considered on the gentle side, though I must warn people, that there is a risk with some of the stretches to overdo it, if you are not careful and aware of what you are actually doing.

Korean Massage Video

Length: 2:57 minutes
This first installment of my Korean Massage Video shows you basic moves to improve hip motion and release tightness in the buttocks area. Always make sure that you understand the clientís bodily limitations, donít just go by the letter, work with the body and you will get the best results.

Korean Massage (a-mu-lumber1)

If you have a Korean massage course offered in your area, I would take the opportunity, because it will not only equip you with some great and effective massage techniques, but will also give you a new viewpoint for energy body work.

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