Free Massage Pictures

I have quite a few inquiries about free massage pictures on this website. Here is a sample of royalty free pictures that you can use on your website.

Other available pictures are images of yoga sessions Chinese acupuncture and a step by step preparation of traditional ginger tea usually served after a therapeutic appointment.

If you could just please say somewhere under the pictures "courtesy of" (preferably with a backlink to my website - thanks).

If there are any questions just contact me at info a.t. (just use the @ sign instead if the a.t.)

I hope that these free massage pictures are what you are looking for.

Pictures on massage techniques

back-massage-pictures 2 (17K)

belly-massage-pictures 1 (22K)

belly-massage-pictures 2 (20K)

calf-massage-pictures 3 (20K)

foot-massage-pictures 1 (19K)

inner-thigh-massage (21K)

pictures-on-massage-techniques-neck-2 (16K)

calf-massage-pictures2 (21K)

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