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Oriental Massage Video

Indian Massages or Ayurvedic massage as many people call them, are a part of a very ancient healing tradition, the Ayurvedic Medicine. Ayurveda, the knowledge or science of life uses many different techniques and involves all aspects of life.

Indian massages are traditionally performed by two massage therapists, who are working synchronized on each side of the body. This is a great experience when the therapist are in tune in terms of pacing, intensity and quality of strokes, but can be quite a unsettling experience if they aren't.

Indian massages are often times performed with hot (warm) oil, that is first poured onto a certain body area, before it is massaged. This massage technique uses a lot of oil.

Warm oil is very relaxing, but also very sensual. This massage will leave you relaxed like no other massage technique. The massage includes also oil on ears, face, hair, so make sure your client likes that.

If you want to perform India Massages at home, make sure you do it on a floor that is easy to clean and use sheets that are solely used for that purpose. The chances are even if you throw the sheets in the wash right after massage, that the sheets will start to smell like rancid oil.

The most neutral oil that you can use is pure sesame oil, but any other light natural plant oil is okay too.

Make sure the oil is not too hot (put your finger in it), to keep it warm you can keep it on a tea light holder. Always check the temperature before pouring.

Oriental Massage Video 1

Length: 0:46 minutes
Brief introduction to different Indian massages

There are different Indian massages like Abhyanga massage, which uses herbal ingredients in the oil to expel toxins and balance the Tridoshas, Indian head massage, which helps to calm the mind and is stimulating to the brain, nerves and sensory organs, and Shirodhara, where a mixture of herbal infused oil or ghee is trickled over the forehead in a continuous warm stream (the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced).

Oriental Massage Video 2

Length: 8:15 minutes
Closer look at the different techniques of Ayurvedic massage / Indian Masssages.

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Footnote: Massage Oils that dissolve in water are a great invention. They come either scented or unscented. There is Vanilla-Coconut, Lavender, Peppermint. I prefer unscented, so I bought that. It feels a little bit different than traditional massage oil, but not much. If you get it on your sheets, pillows and clothes, just put them in the wash. Anyway it works great. Click here to see the product. (Opens in a new window).