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I was looking through prostate massage video clips and read up on some information to see why this particular massage technique gets so much publicity on the internet.

Is it that the internet makes is possible to acquire more information about topics that might have been taboo before, or is it just the new kind of exhibitionism on the internet, that makes it possible to bring fringe topics to a wide audience and make it therefore popular. I feel that much of this is coming from the internetís new motto: "How out there can you be?" and "Free yourself Ė anonymously!"

Prostate massage might have some benefits, but this whole thing about checking your prostate on a weekly basics is nothing but putting forth an agenda by who know who. I mean if you want to include it in a check like you check your testicles for signs of cancer that is fine. But unless the changes are really drastic I donít think you have the knowledge to really pick up what is going on in that organ.

I think we are living in a world where we seek more and more pleasure and if that means emancipation of all men, by having their own P-spot, then thatís how it is.

Prostate massage therapists are a little bit odd too in my view. What is their medical training and why do they emphasize this little gland so much. And they are doing it in the name of tantric massage or sexual liberation and of course a way to prevent or even treat benign prostatitis (or inflammation of the prostate).

Some medical practitioners do acknowledge that there are some benefits derived from massaging the prostate, but are warning at the same time, that if not applied correctly the massage can lead to more damage than help. Overstimulation and stimulation on the wrong spot or in the wrong direction can lead to other health conditions. An inflammatory process in the prostate is probably also not good to touch. If your doctor is properly trained in it and knows what he is doing then thatís fine, but I would stay away from home treatment in this way.

I try to be open-minded about this topic and am not saying that I have complete knowledge about whether prostate massage is good or bad, but I have to admit that my friend hit the nail on the head when he said in his video, that if nature would have intended the P-spot to be the G-spot for men, donít you think it would have found a better place.

Have fun with his hilarious prostate massage video (caution!)

Prostate Massage Video

Length: 1:20 minutes
This prostate massage video shows the world's first close-up look at this ancient tantric massage technique.....

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