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Sensual massage videos are right now very popular on the net.

Although many of the videos do not really show any kind of technique and would probably fall more in the category of groping, the word massage seems to trigger something in people that makes them want to see it.

Of course those videos get viewers by the thousands. Not sure if the viewers actually get from it what they expect, but massage has become a little bit cheap on the net.

Sensual Massage Video 1

Length: 0:34 minutes
Ok, here is one of the sensual massage videos. It might be good for some, others might hate it. Sensual is what a person likes, and that's different for all of us.

Anyway I do think that sensual massage videos, if done tastefully and with proper intent can give inspiration to those who seek these kinds of techniques for their own relationship and will not harm massage as a profession.

Sensual massage is first and foremost a way to connect and communicate to your partner through the sense of touch. It is an art form and in my practice I have created the term 'Partner-focused-massage' to describe the essence of what sensual massage means to me.

What is Partner Focused Massage (PFM)?

Partner Focused Massage (PFM) is more than just a partner massage exchange or a bunch of massage techniques. PFM means partner massage that is fully focused on the needs of your partner. It is a massage that is tailored to your partner's desires. PFM is therefore different for every relationship. Different tastes, different bodies and different needs have to be treated differently.

There are thousands of different massage schools and massage courses and PFM embraces them all. The motto is: Whatever works!

Even though some massage teachers and therapists try to put forward that their massage technique or style works universally, my experience is that different people prefer different massage styles.

So, you might like reflexology and your spouse might not like it at all. All you need to find out is what your partner likes - and that is what you should learn. Then you will be able to give the best sensual massage - meaning that you will be able to satisfy your partner's needs and stimulate their senses in a way that is satisfying to them.

Sensual Massage Video 2

Length: 2:03 minutes
This video shows very straight forward instructions on how to perform a sensual massage.

Do you feel out of touch with your partner? How well do you know your partner's body? Do you know what your partner really likes? Quiz yourself with the following questions:

1. Does your partner like massage?
2. Do you ever give your partner massage?
3. Which areas of your partner's body do they like to have massaged the most?
4. What kinds of techniques do they like in each area?
5. Do they have any areas on their body that they do not like to have touched?
6. Do they prefer a soft touch or deep pressure?
7. What kind of lighting and fragrance do they like?
8. Does your partner like to be massaged with oil, lotion, powder or nothing?

Are you able to answer these questions? Usually, people have no clue what their partner likes. In fact, many of us have lost the connection to our own body and have therefore also lost the medium by which we can connect up with our partner's body.

That's why I put together an ebook titled "Couples Massage Secrets - Easy Techniques to Connect and Impress", so that you will exactly know what your partner likes and how to do it right from the beginning.

Learn step-by-step how to set up a massage situation, how to find the sweet spots for massage and how to make your partner never want a massage from anybody else than you. Click here for more information.

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