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Shiatsu Massage Therapy has become the most popular Japanese massage technique. There are a lot of different Shiatsu style that are not just utilizing different hands-on techniques, but are also based on different philosophies regarding the body and the treatment of conditions.

Originally the Shiatsu practitioner would see the body from an energetic point of view. Ki, which is similar to the Qi of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Acupressure, is running through the body. If the flow of Ki is disturbed, the body will become sick. The Shiatsu therapist would try to pick up those areas and treat the body to encourage even flow of Ki throughout the body.

Some newer Shiatsu massage therapy schools do not promote the system of Ki anymore and think of the body and its health conditions like western medicine and massage therapy does.

All Shiatsu massage therapy practitioners are utilizing mainly thumbs and palms for their work, although there are also some schools that teach elbow techniques.

Originally Shiatsu techniques were used both to diagnose and treat. The practitioner would try to pick up changes in the body and energy system and then treat accordingly. Many schools teach Shiatsu more as a preventative massage technique which can be used to stimulate the body in general and are based on the motto: "Help the body to heal itself."

Counterindications are similar to any other kind of massage therapy.

Shiatsu Massage Video 1

Length: 7:02 minutes
Nice introduction to different Shiatsu techniques by Zuimin Okuyama. I like the way he changes sides and the way all the techniques seem to have a very nice flow. Music, no words.

Shiatsu Massage Video 2

Length: 2:04 seconds
Explanation of Shiatsu lower leg work.

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