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Our Thai massage video section shows a very ancient hands-on body therapy. Thai massage sees the body as an energetic system with energy lines (Sen lines) similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Shiatsu and Ayurvedic massage.

The Thai practitioner utilizes passive stretching and gentle pressure with hands, forearms and feet along the energy lines.

As you will see in our Thai massage video clips, this style is usually performed on a firm mat/mattress on the ground, with the clients dressed in loosely fitting clothes. It can take up to two hours for a full body Thai massage. There is usually no oil or other lubricant used in this massage technique.

Thai body massage is believed to originate from India and is sometimes also called Thai Yoga massage as the stretches that are used in this Thai massage technique are closely connected to Yoga asanas.

There are two different styles in Thai Body Massage: the northern style puts more emphasis on the stretching, while the southern style is putting more emphasis on pressure point work.

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